“Group” Business Credit Class

“Group” Business Credit Class

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4hours of step by step walk through.

Paper back business credit ebook included for each group member.

 The Goal:

Walking into banks and getting approved, but wait you need to understand establishing business credit involves opening accounts in your business's name, paying bills on time, and maintaining a positive financial history. It's essential for securing financing and favorable terms. Consider opening a business credit card, maintaining a separate business bank account, and regularly monitoring your credit reports. 

what to expect:

From Style Rich  on business credit, you can expect guidance on:

1. **Understanding Business Credit:** Learning the basics of business credit, including how it differs from personal credit.

2. **Building Credit Profiles:** Guidance on creating and managing a strong business credit profile.

3. **Credit Reporting Agencies:** Information on major credit reporting agencies for businesses and how they operate.

4. **Establishing Credit Relationships:** Strategies for establishing positive relationships with vendors and lenders to build credit.

5. **Credit Scores:** Understanding how business credit scores are calculated and what factors influence them.

6. **Credit Terms and Limits:** Learning how to negotiate favorable credit terms and limits with suppliers.

7. **Monitoring and Management:** Guidance on regularly monitoring your business credit reports and managing your credit effectively.

Remember, communication  is key. If you have specific questions or need clarification on any aspect, don't hesitate to ask.

This class is a step by step class going through each step 1 by 1 as a group.

$150 each additional person.

This class is non refundable and non transferable.

Once class has been purchased we will setup a date that is best for your session. If you would prefer a weekend date please book in advance.